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KnowUK Subscription Options

KnowUK's pricing has been tailored to suit the needs of your library/organisation with several options available. This is only a guide to our standard models of pricing - please contact our webmaster to discuss your particular requirements in more detail.

Public Libraries

Our subscription model for public libraries is to charge per head of population for each person who lives within the library authority area. This pricing allows for unlimited access from every library, plus remote access for every library member enabling you to provide reference services 24/7. Discounts are available for consortia and for multi-year subscriptions.

Further Education Institutions

We have an agreement with JISC that enables FE Insitutions to subscribe to KnowUK at a considerable discount. KnowUK has Athens access too, so that it can be used outside the library/learning resource centre. Further information on how to subscribe to KnowUK via JISC can be found on their website.

Higher Education Institutions

Higher Education Institutions can subscribe to KnowUK for a standard price with an extra charge of 10% per extra concurrent user. This includes Athens access and one subscription can be used across multi-site institutions.

Corporate, Government and Other Libraries/Organisations

We offer a variety of flexible subscription options for corporate and special libraries and other organisations, which can enable you to use KnowUK from one site or throughout the whole organisation via your intranet. Please contact us to discuss your needs further.

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