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KnowUK Subscriber Support

Each KnowUK subscriber has a complete package of additional support from us to enable them to get the full benefit of their subscription:

  • Training sessions delivered by our professional trainers
  • Free marketing and point-of-use materials
  • Reliable and easy to access usage statistics
  • 24 hour technical support available
  • Remote access available to registered library users via barcode
  • Athens access for users in Further and Higher Education
  • Downloadable User Guide which offers a step-by-step guide to using KnowUK
  • Specialist subject-based User Guides for Further Education subscribers
  • Downloadable training materials to support in-house training and new users
  • KnowUK support/attendance at library and other events
  • Downloadable MARC records in MARC21 and UKMARC formats which are updated monthly
  • Quarterly email newsletter with the latest KnowUK developments
  • Subscribers can add their own library/organisation branding to each page of KnowUK
  • Open URL compliant durable linking
For further information about our subscriber support package please contact our webmaster.

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